Gamified lecture chat

Spike up your education! Interact, engage in lectures and earn rewards.

Education is leaving the auditorium and exploring the digital space. Future learning will be a mix of physical lectures and online studies.This calls for new ways to make students and teachers interact, collaborate and engage.

Eduspike rewards positive learning behavior and students earn Spikes and get real life benefits.

Engaging students: Chat, learn and earn

Teacher or lecturer create and manage lectures

Students can create and collaborate on projects

Interact, collaborate and engage in one place

Earn Spikes and get real life benefits

Dashboard with analytics and smart data

Eduspike is set
to launch early 2018

Eduspike will launch after live testing at universities in the Nordic region. Education is global and without borders - so are our ambitions!

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Eduspike early access registration

Thanks for showing interest in Eduspike!

I am Edu Spiky and will update you when its getting closer to launch, and you will be amongst the first to enjoy our service in 2018.

Until then you can check our website for further information.


Gamified lecture chat